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Beginning this September, St. Andrew's Elementary School will be amalgamated with St. Joseph's Victoria. Please see below for links to St. Joseph's, St. Patrick's and the ICS main webpage for more information.

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Catholic Schools Plan: Strong Foundations for a Bright Future


Beginning this September, St. Andrew's Elementary School will be amalgamated with St. Joseph's Victoria; as well, several of our students have opted to transfer to St. Patrick's School. Please visit St. Joseph's Elementary or St. Patrick's Elementary for more information about our Victoria area Catholic Schools, or visit the Island Catholic Schools main webpage for further information.

Committed to Bully Free School

Catholic Independent Schools British Columbia launches Bully Free School program. Click here for more information. 


St. Andrew's is a school that makes you feel very warm and welcome. As new parents to the school, we are impressed with the organization and communication to the parents. A newsletter is issued every week informing parents of what is happening within the school. The teachers and staff always have a smile and make time for you no matter how busy their day is. The school is very well secured and maintained. We are truly blessed to be a part of St. Andrew's School.
Derek & Kathryn Bussanich Parents
Our family has been part of the St. Andrew's Elementary School community since 2003 when our youngest daughter started preschool and our older daughter entered Kindergarten. Since then the school has become a cornerstone of our family life. Our lives have been enriched by the school in so many ways and many of our closest family friends are people we have met through our involvement in the school.
Alison & Scott Wedekind Parents
My daughter attended St. Andrew's Elementary school from Kindergarten to Grade 7. St. Andrew's proved to be a vibrant multicultural learning community where the teachers and staff strive to bring out excellence in each student. Extra curricular activities such as Irish dancing, music and athletic activities balanced the education. The school motto is, "To build in love" and this was evident by the team approach to our child's learning and the spirituality that is part of the curriculum. We highly recommend St. Andrew's to any parent considering Catholic education.
Darlene & Kirk Duncan Parents